I often ask people about the worst speeches they have heard and the answer is almost always the same. People have suffered at the hands of speakers who have gone on too long, or been nasty or have tried to be funny and failed in an embarrassing way. Of course some speakers have failed on all three counts.

One of the keys to making a good speech is to avoid making a bad one. Short is good. Nice is good too and wit is better than jokes.

Telling jokes is really an art form. There are so many gifted comedians on film and TV that the audience really does not want to hear a gifted amateur ‘having a go.’

If you are concise and nice you are well on your way to having a passable speech. Add in a good structure and let the audience know that you have worked hard to tell them something worth saying and you will get a lot of praise.

Sincerity and passion are the last two ingredients. I will cover these in later posts.