J K Rowling starts ( at about 3:01 ) with some wit and ends with passion. Combination of fun, disclosure, leading up to impassioned serious call to action. Click here:


LET’S MAKE A START…. My aim is to help people who have to make a speech or presentation and don’t know where to start. I have a process that has never let me down and I really hope that it will help you. If not, please get in touch with me at and I … Continue reading “BEATING WRITER’S BLOCK”

Sincerity- a vital ingredient

‘Going through the motions’ is guaranteed to lose your audience. Why should anyone invest time in listening to someone who has not invested sincerity and passion into a presentation? Respect for your audience is key. If you say what you mean and mean what you say, you will connect with people. A good connection with … Continue reading “Sincerity- a vital ingredient”

The Basics

I often ask people about the worst speeches they have heard and the answer is almost always the same. People have suffered at the hands of speakers who have gone on too long, or been nasty or have tried to be funny and failed in an embarrassing way. Of course some speakers have failed on … Continue reading “The Basics”